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If you are searching for cheap flights to Hong Kong - you just found them. Hong Kong is well known for its expansive skyline, deep natural harbour and population density. More than providing you with flights we want to share with you some tips on what to see and do whilst in town. The only problem will be - do you have enough time to do it all! You can start your holiday by visiting the highest point in Hong Kong. We are referring to the Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak stands 552 metres high in the sky and is also one of the most visited spots in the city as it offers spectacular views of the vibrant metropolis.One of Hong Kong's oldest temples is the Man Mo Temple. This attraction deserves a visit as besides being state of the art architecture, it is has also been declared a monument. There are a lot of interesting things and artefacts in this temple, such as the two 19th century sedan chars that are used to carry gods during local festivals.If you want to take part in an authentic event, then take a walk to the Happy Valley racecourse. Here you can enjoy horse racing that dates back to 1846. Prior to the event, punters pack into the stands to cheer, eat and drink. The result is an unforgettable experience thanks to this thrilling atmosphere. After the horse race, why not visit the Tian Tan Buddha. This is a seated monument of the Buddha reaching over 26 metres high in the sky. This statue weighs over 202 tonnes, made of bronze and situated outdoors. Raising particula popularity because it is seated. Before being to marvel at its beauty up close however, visitors need to climb 260 steps. Although it is asking for a lot of physical input, it is well worth it to have a closer look at this staggering monument.To the left of the Buddha statue, there is a 2.5km concrete path that leads you to the only Lantau Tea Garden in Hong Kong. Here you can buy tea leaves from the Hongkong Bank Foundation and Lantau Peak.The Hong Kong Story at the Hong Kong Museum of History will take you back to the past history of the city through 8 different galleries, where you find also traditional Chinese costumes and Chinese shops.Hong Kong is full of world-famous monuments, history and culture. Hong Kong is most certainly a destination you will not forget. So get your cheap flights to Hong Kong today and experience an unforgettable holiday.