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Welcome to the infographics section of Bravofly Australia. The team at Bravofly constantly work on helping travelers by providing graphics with tips and tricks about everything Travel.


Cost of Living in Europe's Top 5 Cities

Wondering if you should venture out and live abroad? Maybe in Europe's finest cities such as London, Milan and Madrid? Find out what it takes to Live in such prestigious cities and what costs may go up to! ......Bravofly infographics»

Which are the Top 5 Hipster Locations in the Word?

Some of the most well known traits of a hipster are Alternative cinema lovers, love indie music and riding bikes. Discover the top five locations and roots of the hipster movement. ......Bravofly infographics»

Did you know that...?

Bravofly provide you with a list of facts about different places around the world. Some will suprise you, others might seem unreal, but in any case, you will not leave without learning something new! ......Bravofly infographics»

What you need to Know!

Wi-Fi on Airline? What you need to Know!« InfographicsHaving Wi-Fi on board a plane is a service which is already possible. Airlines are offering the possibility to use Wi-Fi onboard their aircraft. Follow this Bravofly Infographic to find out which airlines provide Wi-Fi and what the rates of this service are! ......Bravofly infographics»